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Your horses will love the light, soft and fluffy pine shavings in our Comfort Bedding product


Pine Shavings For HorsesHorse and Girl

Our Comfort Bedding is preferred by horses.

Your Horses Deserve the Best in Comfort

Unlike pelletized wood products, our Comfort Bedding is soft, light and fluffy - providing maximum comfort for horses.

Comfort Bedding also provides stable footing for horses.

A Safer Environment For Your Horses

Our Comfort Bedding is made from 100% pure Southern Yellow Pine. There are never any waste products used, so you never need to worry about contaminants causing injury.

Our product is also kiln-dried, eliminating bacteria, mold and other harmful microorganisms. Kiln-drying the product also reduces the weight of the bags, making our bags easier to handle.

Some horses can be allergic to cedar shavings, whereas our Comfort Bedding is made from 100% Southern Yellow Pine. Cedar shavings can also give some horses stomach problems.

The Comfort Bedding is a very low-dust product, reducing irritation to horses.

Our Bags Are Easy to Handle

As horse owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to maintain stables. That is why we have designed the bags with the horse owner in mind.

Firstly, all of our bags have handles, so they can be handled easily.

Our bags also weigh less.

We have selected a bag size that is easy to pick up by most adults. Also, kiln-drying our product has the added benefit of being lighter to carry.

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